Aditya Shastri

(16th Generation)

Born On : 27th May 1995

Brief Resume

Date of Birth: Vikram Samvat 1941, Kartik Sud 4.
By Caste: Malviya Shri Gaud Vipra.
Gotra: Vatsas.
Date: 27 May, Saturday, 1995. Vikram Samvat 2052, Vaishakh Vad 14.
Generation: The disciple of Shri Vitthalnathji (Shri Gosainji), Shri Vishnudas Joshiji descendant at the 16th generational level

Grandfather: Pujyaa Dharmistha Niranjan Shastri.

Father: Pujya Krushnadutt Niranjan Shastriji. (B.Com, Vallabh Vedant – Gold Medalist Bhagwat Bhushan, Surat)
Krushnadutt Shastri is a strong, staunch religious speaker, a human being of simple words but straightforward thoughts, who is currently giving lectures on Pushti Marg with a vision to revive the glory of the sect and the tradition of the vibrant and worth continuing sect of Pushti Marg.
With the blessings of late father Niranjan Shastriji, Golokvasi Pujya Krushnashankar Shastriji and pioneer professor Pujya Pradyumna Shastri, Krushnadutt Shastri completed his studies on Bhagwat and now is into research of undiscovered meanings of various Puranas, Mahabharat, Ramayan and Vallabhacharya philosophy.

Mother: Sau. Heena Krushnadutt Shastri (B.A. -Mithibai College – Vile Parle, M.A. in Gujarati Literature & Vallabh Vedant – Mumbai University.)
The daughter of Shri Girish Dwarkadas Thakkar and Smt. Savita G. Thakkar, Mumbai. She sacrificed her teaching career in performing rituals, for family, and in nurturing her child, thus being a pillar in the life of Aditya Shastri,

Childhood of Shastriji: Blessed by birth in such a great family, Aditya Shastri has continued the legacy of bagging laurels and certificate from a very early age.With teachers like late grandfather Pujya Niranjan Shastriji and father Krushnadutt Shastriji; Aditya was able to chant around 150 shlokas when he was just 2 and half years old.At this early age, his father and grandfather made sure that Aditya got a chance to sing pious praises of the Almighty whenever possible.According to his grandfather, “Aditya has been trained right from the early days so that he has no fear of the crowd.”

Brahma Sambandha Diksha : Champaranya Pithadhishwar Pujyapad Goswami 108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji Maharaj Shree (Champaranya – Kandivali – Mumbai) gave him the Brahma Sambandh Diksha Mantra.

Turning Point:

  • In 2000, Aditya received a certificate for his excellent chanting of Shlokas and verses from “Vallabh Nidhi Sanskrit Vidhyalaya” established by Pujya Dadaji – Golok Vasi Param Adarniya Krushnashankar Shastriji, Sola Vidyapeeth.
    Aditya was appreciated for his clarity, confidence and pronunciation in Sanskrit which is not a usual aspect in today’s era.
  • In 2001 – Another certificate from Vallabh Nidhi Sanskrit Vidhyalaya for the same reason of chanting verses.  Certificate was offered Pujya Shree Dr. Hasmukhbhai Joshiji.


Public Speaking:
• Trinity College, London
– In 2003, September- Aditya passed the “Initial Effective Text Speaking” organized by Trinity College, London. This initiated – vocal and public speaking skills.
– In 2004, September- Aditya passed “Garde1 Speech and Drama” organized by Trinity College, London. This initiated – vocal, public speaking and oratory skills.
• Gyan Bharti Vaktrutva Academy
– In 2011, May – Certificate course in Gyan Bharti Vaktrutva Academy conducted by Prof. Dhirendra Relia, who has motivated various public speakers and corporate leaders.

UCMAS Mental Arithmetic: – Aditya encouraged and supported by his mother, completed 8 levels of Mental Arithmetic techniques.

– Government of Maharashtra organized Drawing Competition at Elementary and Intermediate levels were passed by Aditya a year early than normal eligibility.
– Yet Aditya aspires to learn the art of pichwai and draw the leelas of Lord Krushna mentioned in Bhagwat on cloth with the help of his friends and organization – Yashodaraman Foundation.

Literature & Language:

  • Brihan Mumbai Nimnastar Marathi Shikshak Sanghatna
    – 2009 – Marathi Written Examination
    – 2010 – Marathi Written Examination
  • Mumbai Prantiya Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Sabha
    – 2005 – Rashtrabhasha Prathamik Pariksha
  • Brihan Mumbai Ganit Adhyapak Mandal
    – 2005 – Math Examination
  • Ramkrishna Math
    – In 2010, Vivekutsav for recitation of verses in Sanskrit


  • The Greater Bombay Science Teachers’ Association
    – 2006 – Science Examination
  • Science Olympiad Foundation
    – 5th Rank in the school, 398th rank in the city; 13th National Science Olympiad.

Aditya’s Journey in Rotaract Club of NM College

  • Marketing Member (1st October – 13 January ’12)
    – Training in the field of marketing
    – Handling Sponsors for the Rotaract’s Largest Socio Cultural Festival – Rotofest’11
    – Prominent Sponsors like FX School, NIIT etc were handled.
  • Marketing Coordinator (13 January ’12-30th June’12)
    – Marketing for District Conference Level
    – More study and training in small marketing fields.
  • Community Service Director – 1st July to 30th June’13)
    – Serving the community and spreading smiles.
    – conducted more than 40 service projects for the community.
    – projects varying from old age homes, orphanages, food & grain donation to various activities for under-privileged and BMC students
    – Volunteered for District 3140’s initiative “Granthalaya” library in Kalyan, Maharashtra
  • Shikhsa Ambassador – (26th October’12 – 30th June’13)
    – Taught students for around 4-5 hours the various concepts of team work, self reliance and education
    – Contribution to the Project Shiksha of District 3140.
  • Secretary (1st July 2013 – 30th June 2014)
    – Designated Club Secretary of the organization having 200+ members.
    – Coordination with the College and other authorities present.
    – Mentored and influenced club sectors like – Entrepreneurship Development, International Services, Community services, Public Relations etc
    – Over all the support of the President Rtr. Hardik Nagar, a colleague turned friend
  • Sergeant At Arms (S.A.A) – (7th November’13 -30th June 2014)
    – Database Management along with Administration work of the club
    – Assistance to the club in management issues.
  • President Elect (7th December13 – 30th June 2014)
    – Overall Supervision and Planning for next year
    – Crafting leaders for the club’s Succession
    – Maintaining relations with NM College faculty, SVKM Management and Staff of the institution.
  • President 2014-15
    – Club Representative
    – Leader of the club
    – Strategic Planner, Program facilitator
    – Relation Manager and over all head of projects and systems
  • Immediate Past President 2015-16
    – Advisor and expertise to the club
    – Trainer and Grievance management

Newspaper Articles & Interviews

1) S.S.C (2011)
• Janmabhoomi – 26th June 2011 –
• Janrakshak Express – 27th June 2011
• Divya Bhaskar – 2nd July 2011
• Mid-day – 6th July 2011
• Mumbai Samachar – 11th July
• Janmabhoomi 15th July 2011
• JVPD Magazine July 2011 edition
• Halkara Publication – July Weekly News.

2) Rotaract Club of NM College (2012-13)
• Navbharat Times – 5th August 2012 (Collection of Food Grains)
• Interview on Sahara Samay Mumbai, TV9 – 29th September 2012 (Again Beach Cleaning Drive)

4) Rotaract Club of NM College (2013-14)
• Janmabhoomi – July 3 2013 (Blood Donation Camp)
• Janmabhoomi – July 17 2013 (Station Cleaning Drive)
• Navbharat Times – September 17 2013 (Again Beach Cleaning Drive)
• Interviews on Maharashtra Times, Lemon News Channel, TV9, Sahara Mumbai etc for Beach Cleaning Drive after Ganesh Visarjan.
• Janrakshak Express – President Announcement

5) Rotaract Club of NM College (2014-15)
• Janmabhoomi – July 2 2015 (Blood Donation Camp)
• Navharat Times – Handful of Grains
• Live Interviews with Maharashtra Times, Lemon News Channel, TV9, Sahara Mumbai etc Eco friendly Ganesha and Beach Cleaning Drive after Ganesh Visarjan



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