Shri Vitthalnathji’s third son, Shri Bal Krishnaji was born in 1549 AD. He was robust, swarthy and had large lotus-like eyes. At home he was called “Lotus-Eyed one”. After his studies, he married Shri Kanalavati and had six sons and one daughter. He worshiped Shri Kkrishna in his form as Shri Dwarkadish. He spent many years of his life in Gokul. One night he had the darshan of Shri Yamunaji and vowed he would not drink water until he found a Radha Svarupa for his Shri Dwarkadish. Knowing of his vow, Shri Vitthalnathji gave him a pair of golden bangles and told him, “These golden bangles will perfectly fit the Radha Deity that you are so eagerly looking for.”

Shri Bal Krishnaji then wandered around Braja until he found his Radha Deity and established Her into Shri Dwarkadish’s seva. Whenever he worshipped Shri Dwarkadish, he remained in a divine state of bhava. Once while he was worshipping Child Krishna in a cradle, he became so full of devotion that Child Krishna actually came and sat in his lap. Shri Bal Krishnaji was a great scholar and wrote many works in Sanskrit.